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«There are choose performers for the world's leading theaters in St. Petersburg»



«A project for ballet dancers has started in St. Petersburg, which hasn’t analogues in Russia and the CIS»



«The Vaganova Ballet Academy hosted an international Audition "Ballet of the Future »

This is Russia's first international professional audition of young ballet dancers at the highest level. Participants of the “Ballet of the Future” audition will have a unique opportunity to work with the leading masters of the Russian ballet school and will be able to demonstrate their skills to directors of the best ballet companies.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze

The international audition “Ballet of the Future”, which will be held in January 2020 in St. Petersburg, is designed not only to unite young ballet dancers and present them to representatives of leading ballet companies, but also to open new perspectives and horizons for each audition participant.

Denis Matvienko

The development of the Russian ballet school is impossible without the emergence of new names. I am sure that the St. Petersburg audition will open for all of us real future stars.

Edward Clug

Participation in audition is always a risk and a fight against your own fears. However, this is the only way to declare yourself and reveal your own talent.

Andrian Fadeev

Each participant of the “Ballet of the Future” audition is unique. The artists have a lot of work, daily challenges, triumphs and defeats. However, all this is the path to success.

Krzysztof Pastor

Contrary to the Russian proverb “houses and walls help,” ballet dancers are helped by inspiration, perseverance and self-confidence. Remember this on any scene before any performance.

Yuri Fateev